After a car accident, you are probably pretty shaken up. That’s normal. A car accident can be a traumatic event. You might be in the hospital. You might be in pain. You are worried about work. Will you be able to work tomorrow? Should you call the office? How will you get to work? The kids still need to get to school. What are you going to do without a car? Is the other driver okay? These are all questions that race through your mind. Another question is: Who do I contact first?
Well, first, you need to contact your friends and family to let them know that you are alright. That is important. You don’t want them to worry needlessly. Go ahead and call work to let them know what happened. Call friends or family and arrange for your children to be picked up from school. Take care of all of the important people in your life first. Once you have that taken care of it’s time to worry about dealing with the insurance company.

Contact Your Insurance Company

In a no-fault state like Kansas, the damages incurred in most car accidents are covered by each individual’s insurance company—regardless of fault. For that reason, your first call should be to your insurance agent or company. Advise them that you have been in an accident, you are seeking treatment, and provide them with the officer on scene’s contact information. That should get the ball rolling.

Contact the Other Party’s Insurance Company

After you have contacted your own insurance company it may be time to contact the other party’s insurance company. This is important if you feel that the other party was at fault. Kansas may be a no fault state, but there are provisions in the law where awards can exceed the amount set by law. If you have the other driver’s insurance information, go ahead and call the other insurance company. If you do not, call the police station and ask for a copy of the police report. It should have all the information you need.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

Honestly, in some cases, this should be the first call you make. If you have sustained significant injuries and/or massive property damage, you might need the assistance of a Kansas car accident lawyer to ensure that you receive the compensation you are owed. A car accident attorney will be able to help you evaluate your case, investigate the accident, properly file your car accident claim, and negotiate a settlement with the insurance companies or pursue your case in court.
At our law firm, we help victims obtain their due from Kansas insurance companies, and we can help you. If you feel you have suffered an injury through another’s negligence, I invite you to fill out our free car accident claim evaluation form. One of our expert car accident lawyers will review you case and contact you shortly to arrange a free consultation.