The majority of Kansas car accident injury claims end in settlement. This is the ideal result for all parties involved. Pursuing a claim in court or defending a claim in court can quickly become very expensive—sometimes the cost exceeds any reward. Now, that we have established that your claim will likely end in a settlement, you are probably wondering how that settlement will be disbursed and how much it will cost you. At our firm, we pride ourselves on being completely above board regarding what we charge to represent you. That said, here is how your settlement will be disbursed.
First, any expenses incurred pursuing your claim will be paid out of the settlement. Expenses can include but are not limited to processing fees, the fees associated with requesting accident and police reports, expert opinions, etc. Expenses for the standard person injury claim range from $200 to $500, but they can exceed that number. You can rest assured that all expenses will be itemized.
After expenses are taken out of the total settlement, one-third of the remaining amount is taken as compensation by the attorney. This may seem like a hefty amount, but keep in mind that an attorney is taking your case with no guarantee and no retainer. If you do not get paid, he does not get paid. He is taking on all the risk. If no settlement is reached, you owe nothing.

An Kansas Attorney Can Help the Claim Process Go Smoothly

After the attorney’s share has been taken out of the total settlement, it is time to address those debts that have been piling up while you have been pursuing your car accident injury claim. Any liens filed against you for medical bills, missed child support payments, pre-settlement loans, etc. will be resolved. We want you to have a clean slate after your claim is resolved.
Finally, any remaining funds will be disbursed to you. This money is yours to do with as you will. You can pay down debts or go on a well-deserved vacation. It is entirely up to you.
It is up to you to determine if pursuing your claim and retaining a Kansas car accident attorney from our firm is the right choice. I can promise you this; we will not lead you on. We will tell you what we think of your claim. If you would like to begin the process of evaluating your claim, I invite you to take advantage of our free case evaluation service. Once you submit the details of your case, an attorney from our firm will contact you to go over the merit of your case.