Once the dust has settled, the cars have been towed, the glass swept from the street, you are left with the question, “What do I do now? Do I need a car accident lawyer?” Well, the answers to those questions depend entirely on the nature of your car accident.
For most minor car accidents in Kansas, such as fender benders, a car accident attorney isn’t necessary, but if you have been involved in a major accident involving substantial damage to property and suffered significant injuries that require medical care, you likely need the services of a Kansas car accident lawyer in order to get your due compensation.
So, how can a Kansas car accident attorney help you with your claim?

Assessing Your Claim

As trained attorneys, we can assist you in determining if your claim is one that can result in a settlement or a winnable personal injury case in a Kansas court. We, as well as many other attorneys, offer a free consultation to prospective clients. In this meeting, we will discuss the merits of your case and the possibility of successfully pressing your claim.

Dealing With the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are for-profit corporations, and at times they can use less-than-honest tactics to protect their bottom lines. Many people find out late in the process that they have hurt their case by saying too much to the insurance company’s representatives. It is one of the duties of a Kansas car accident lawyer to take over all communication with the insurance companies and ensure that your claim is protected.

Filing Your Claim

Filing a car accident personal injury insurance claim is a complicated process. There are numerous forms to fill out that must be submitted by set deadlines. Your attorney knows the process in and out and will make sure that each form is completed and submitted on time to the appropriate agencies.

Negotiating a Settlement

The majority of car accident injury claims in Kansas are settled out of court. It’s the best option for both parties. You are not required to take the first, second, or even seventh offer. It will require a skilled negotiator to get you your due. An expert car accident lawyer will negotiate for you and bring each offer to you. You can then choose to accept or turn the offer down. The choice is entirely yours.

Going to Court

Sometimes it is impossible to reach a settlement. In the event that the parties cannot find common ground, it is necessary to go to court or find another means of arbitration. Courtrooms are strange places to many Kansans. They have their own language, forms, and traditions. Your attorney will guide you through this process and act as your representative in the courtroom.
We are here to help you in your time of need. To discover more about the car accident claim process in Kansas, please explore this site. When you would like to speak with an expert car accident attorney familiar with Kansas law, please fill out the FREE car accident claim evaluation form and one of our attorneys will be in touch shortly.