Hiring an attorney may seem like a daunting task. Knowledge of an attorney’s role will make filing your claim that much easier.
Here are some of the basic services your attorney will do on your behalf:

  1. Gather all the necessary information and submit to the insurance company. This step takes the initial load of filing your own claim immediately, leaving you more time to recuperate from any serious injuries.
  2. The attorney will determine the amount of damages you can ask for. This step will allow you to have more confidence to request the amount you deserve.
  3. Know all the rules that are designed to protect your rights. Without knowledge of these rules, you will be vulnerable to unfair practices.
  4. Increase the odds of a settlement in your favor because they have experience dealing with the insurance company or may even know the adjuster you’re dealing with.
  5. Help you obtain more money in your settlement than you would if you negotiated for yourself. It is your time and health which was put in danger, be sure to earn what you need and not what the insurance company wants to give you.

The attorneys at Law Center for Car Accident Injuries are here to provide you with the aforementioned services as well as a peace of mind. Stop worrying about the time and money you are losing to the insurance companies. Call us today 1-800-426-6129 and start acting today!