Many of you who read this are former clients who, I am grateful, gave me an opportunity to serve you. Some of you recently have been injured and I use my legal knowledge and experience to serve you.
Sometimes legal knowledge and legal experience is not enough. Countless times every week I receive a phone call from someone frustrated, worried, sometimes in pain, always asking the question: What will happen in the future?
We can all learn from the life around us. Kids and dogs live in the now; that “one day at a time” principle that as adults we put in the back drawer of life. When my son was a little boy, in the morning he would ask not whether it was Tuesday or Saturday but, “Is today a school day, Daddy?”
So, when the question, “What will the future bring?” arises I visualize taking my lawyer hat off and putting on my Daddy, big brother or Uncle hat, and try to answer with a focus on today. These 24 hours are all any of us really have. I add the answer our parents and grandparents gleaned from the Good Book: Tomorrow will bring its own set of problems so all we can do is deal with today’s challenges; Make the telephone call for a doctor’s appointment, go to physical therapy. Call me if you do not know the current status of your case. I don’t want my client’s sitting at home worrying needlessly if I or my staff can give you the information needed.
That’s it. If you’ve done your part, taken whatever action you could then you and I are left with one other option – the Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to
change the things that I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

Make a conscious decision not to worry or focus on the future.
P.S. – Although no one can answer, “What will happen in the future,” it does not mean we can’t make plans, have dreams – the fun parts of life. In two weeks I plan on giving Valentines expressing my love to my wife, Cheri, my children, Katie and Patrick, and Reese with whom I’ve been blessed as she has chosen Cheri and I as Grandparents.