Paul & Cheri… everyone at the law office is absolutely fantastic!! The entire process of my personal injury case was surprisingly fast, exceedingly seamless, and absolutely trouble-free. Cheri kept in contact with me via email and phone throughout. Paul was always very prompt and easily accessible They easily worked through the ends and outs of medical and auto insurance and what I am sure must have been the normal layered red tape of government insurance agencies. Everything was explained down to earth, not in law terms that would have been utter nonsense to me anyway.
I would recommend this family business to anyone and everyone. Sure, go to someone wearing a bunch of gold chains, spending a bunch of money on ads and wanting a 40% cut. But ask yourself, like my wife and I did, how do people like that make you feel when your sitting on the other side of their desk? Small? Unimportant? Like a number? Maybe have a tag in your ear? Both of us were immediately relaxed, at ease, and knew we made the right choice as soon as we set down with Paul. The results proved that feeling was right… better check the motives of who your talking to… Thanks guys\gals…. Excellent job!!!!!!