Filing a claim can be confusing, no matter if it’s your first or tenth time, it’s important to know the proper steps to follow immediately after being involved in a car accident:
Focus on Safety First
If drivers involved in the car accident don’t have serious injuries and the accident was minor, it is best to move cars to the side of road to prevent another collision from oncoming traffic.
Get all Necessary Information
Exchange name, phone number, address, policy number, driver license number, insurance company and license plate. Be sure to get the phone numbers of the owners and drivers of the vehicles involved. Write down the description of the cars, information like the year, make, model and color. Always be polite but never admit or apologize as if it was your fault.
Take Pictures
Use a camera (phone or digital) to show proof of the damage to each vehicle. You want clear and straight forward photos that will show the overall essence of the accident so that it’s easier to make a case to a claim’s adjuster.
Know what Your Insurance Covers
The process will be easier and quicker with your insurance company by knowing the details of your coverage. Be sure to look over your policy for all the specifics so you don’t end up being stuck with paying the bill for a rental car or towing fees.
Make a Police Report
Drivers should always file a state vehicle accident report. They are kept at police stations and make the process with insurance companies happen at a faster pace.
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