There is no such thing as a fender bender between a car and a motorcycle. Instead, there are bone breakers and head crackers. Any accident involving a motorcycle is going to be a bad one, and the motorcycle rider is likely going to take a ride in an ambulance while the driver of the car may need some aspirin. Motorcyclists know this and do their best to avoid an accident, but it is also the responsibility of those who drive cars and trucks to be on the lookout for motorcycle riders.
Below, we will discuss several ways in which you can reduce your chances of being in an accident with a motorcyclist.

Never Share a Lane

If you wouldn’t ride alongside a compact car in the same lane, why would you think it’s okay to ride along a motorcycle? Motorcycles are small light vehicles, but that does not mean they do not need the entire lane. In fact, they require the width of the traffic lane to maneuver around obstacles that you would drive right over. A pothole might bounce you around a bit, but it could wipe out a motorcycle. A gust of wind will barely register in your car, but it can cause a motorcyclist to swerve violently.

Pass Motorcycles as You Would Any Other Vehicle

Never pass close to a motorcyclist or cut in front of them. In fact, if you can, give them even more space than you would a car. The gust and resulting vacuum of passing too close can cause a motorcycle rider to lose control.

Watch for Abrupt Lane Changes

Riders often change lanes for reasons that are not readily apparent to car drivers. They need to make these changes to avoid obstacles in the road that do not affect larger vehicles.

Use Your Signals

If you are in front of a motorcycle, always give ample between your signal and turn or lane change. Riders may not be able to stop as quickly as you think.

Never Follow Too Closely

As mentioned, motorcyclists deal with obstacles that you do not. By giving them plenty of room, you decrease the chance of rear-ending a motorcyclist when they have to abruptly slow down.

Always Check Your Blind spots

You are supposed to do this anyway, but many drivers only spare a cursory glance before changing lanes. This is fine when only other cars and trucks are on the road. They are hard to miss, but motorcycles are small and easy to overlook. Make sure no cyclists are on the road before you turn or change lanes.

Be Aware of Dangerous Road Conditions

Motorcycles stability and maneuverability decrease drastically in adverse driving conditions like rain and snow. Make sure you give riders extra room when driving in bad weather.
Following these simple tips will help to prevent a potentially fatal accident between yourself and a motorcyclist. No one wants to be the cause of someone being injured. It is a terrible feeling. Just remember to be a considerate and conscientious driver while on the road to prevent the possibility of a tragedy.