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Your “To Do” List

  • Be sure to tell Attorney Paul Hogan if you receive any of the following public benefits:
    Medicaid Medicare
    Section & Housing
    Food Stamps
  • Get all medical treatment your doctor recommends:
    DO NOT skip or miss any appointments.
    DO NOT stop treatment until your doctor has recommended that you stop.
    If you have ongoing symptoms and are not seeing a doctor, seek treatment
    immediately. Advise Attorney Hogan of this fact immediately.
  • Keep Attorney Paul Hogan informed of all medical care:
    Report all tests, MRI scans, X-rays, physical therapy, surgery and other treatment.
    Report all refferals to new health care providers.
    Report when you have finished with your treatments.
  • Send Attorney Paul Hogan important documents:
    Send him a copy of your own auto insurance policy.
    Send him a copy of any lien or subrogation notice.
    Send him a copy of all medical bills and reports and letters from insurance companies.
  • Document your physical injuries:
    Send Attorney Hogan photographs and negatives of any bruises, lacerations, stitches, casts, visible swelling, scars.
    Continue taking photographs weekly until the injuries are no longer visible.
    Be sure to date and put your name on the back of each photograph.
  • Document the property damage to your motor vehicle:
    Send Attorney Hogan a copy of all repair estimates.
    Send him photographs and negatives showing the property damage.
  • Document any wage loss:
    Send Attorney Hogan pay stubs for two weeks before the accident and each week after you return to work, if the wage loss continues
    If you are self employed, send him copies of your tax returns for the year of the accident and two years prior.
    Obtain a letter from your employer on their stationery confirming:
    Your job title
    Your regular hourly rate of pay
    Hours in regular work week
    Dates, days/week, you were absent because of the accident
    Amount of any sick pay or vacation pay used to cover this accident.
  • Document your out-of-pocket expenses:
    Use the forms provided to make a record of mileage, medications and other expenses and send these forms with receipts.
  • Document your pain, suffering, inconvenience and loss of enjoyment of life on a notepad.
  • Stay in touch with Attorney Paul Hogan:
    He needs to know of any changes in your address and telephone number, including work numbers and changes in your marital status and employment.
  • Do not speak with any insurance adjuster about your personal injury or the accident. You may speak with the adjuster about the property damage to your motor vehicle only.
  • Please let Paul Hogan’s Law Center For Car Accident Injuries know if you have any questions or concerns about your case:
    Be sure to leave a detailed voice mail message if you cannot get a person on the telephone. Your call will be returned promptly.

The Law Center For Car Accident Injuries telephone number is: 866-303-1411