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Meet Your Family

By Paul Hogan Meet your family – Did you know? Every time you talk to someone at my office; every time a service is provided; a phone call is made to you; a letter to an insurance company goes out; any one of the checklist items we use to handle your claim (as quick as […]

Paul, Paul, Paul

By Paul Hogan When I have someone injured in a motor vehicle accident, who has asked for my help, one of the first things I do is give them a blue bag.  I tell them that I had these blue bags made especially for my clients. It is insulated so that they can put a […]

An American Mutt: My Heritage

By Paul Hogan In this post, I would like to honor my Irish heritage and the Hogan name. As I have written before my great-grandparents, James and Johanna Hogan, immigrated from Ireland.  I have been raised with the Hogan name in various forms. There was the great golfer Ben Hogan, or the “Hogan” which is […]

Wine & Dine, Gifts & Trips!

By Paul Hogan I want to ask you a favor. I want to ask you to refer your family members, your loved ones, your friends when they been injured in a car accident to me so I can help them. What, you may ask, are the reasons for you refer your family and friends to […]

Why We Shouldn’t Set “Goals”

By Paul Hogan When thinking of the new year, is the first thing that pops in your mind, after your plans for New Year’s Eve, a screaming – AGHH!  NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS, again? Have your resolutions been the same year after year; maybe to quit smoking/drinking too much, start a workout program, lose weight, spend […]