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July Thoughts

By Paul Hogan I want to share my thoughts of self-survival and how I intend to make July a no-stress, no-threat to  my sanity time. My reality testing is that I choose not to compare myself to the well-dressed actors on TV commercials. These actors with their Hollywood good looks and Hollywood smiles; in their […]

Back to School and Summer Thoughts

By Paul Hogan How can that be? Only 1 month and its back to school?  I write this in July – school starts in about 4 weeks! My gosh I just pulled the summer table umbrella out of the garage –  okay, don’t judge me, I’m busy – I procrastinate. Back to school – I […]

Addict, Junkie and OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)

By Paul Hogan I have been these things for years and years and now, I want to share my not so dark and not so secret with you, my friends. At some point early in my teen years I read Dale Carnegie’s book, How To Win Friends & Influence People. After that, I don’t know […]

I was in pain . . . I called Dr. Gadalla.

Get the Attention, Respect and Care You Deserve When You Treat with Dr. Aly Gadalla, MD           By Paul D. Hogan Dr. Aly Gadalla, MD is one of my special preferred medical providers that I refer friends, family and injured MVA (motor vehicle accident) clients to and this is why: “Our physicians are trained to accurately […]

Meet the Team: Lauryn Schooler

By Paul Hogan Lauryn is my great-niece, great in that she is my nephew’s daughter and is a great young woman. I think the designation should be “grand-niece,” and I’m informed by higher authorities (my wife, Cheri, and daughter, Katie – whom many of you know from the office) that I know nothing about relative […]