By Paul Hogan

Meet your family – Did you know?

Every time you talk to someone at my office; every time a service is provided; a phone call is made to you; a letter to an insurance company goes out; any one of the checklist items we use to handle your claim (as quick as possible and while doing it right), it is being done by a member of my family.  Let me introduce you as we consider you part of our family as when we do our work for you it is as if you are an actual family member.

The youngest family member is my great niece, Lauryn Schooler (see photo).  She went to WSU and was at one time honored to be asked to join the Fairmount Chapter of the Mortar Board Senior Honor Society, whose mission is:

…[it is] a national honor society that recognizes college seniors for their achievements in scholarship, leadership and service, provides opportunities for continued leadership development, promotes service to colleges and universities and encourages lifelong contributions to the global community.


The newest family member to join us is my niece, Mary Lynn Adams. She first worked for me back in the late 1990’s, has now returned and has brought back her talents to give you the best service possible.

My niece, Rachel Hogan, is a former para-legal with a probate firm in Phoenix, AZ. She makes sure your case is moving according to the exclusive process and systems we set up for only handling injury car accident cases. Oh yes, this is cool – as we are now in a digital world, Rachel digitally commutes from her home in North Dakota.

My son, Patrick Hogan, is my online marketing tech guy, and he helps you by mailing out your letters and making sure they are prepared and posted properly.

My daughter, Katie Hogan, is my tech angel. Besides marketing, law, and operations, every time my computer, my desk or cell phone, my laptop or iPad acts up she has the “fix” – whatever that may be. I am not technology savvy – as a matter of fact, almost everything I communicate with is done by paper and pen, then someone has the unenviable job of reading my handwriting.

Last, my life partner, my love, Cheri, my wife, makes sure your settlement money, every penny, is accounted for. She spends hours calling lien holders, Medicare, medical providers and insurance companies to reconcile accounts and payments. Most importantly, she tells me when a case needs special attention in order to reach the clients authority to settle.

That does it – Oh! And me.  I like to talk with you – make telephone calls to you.  I usually get a voice mail and I’m responsible to you to get your case settled as fast as possible, for as much as possible (meeting your authority) with the least amount of hassle as possible.

– Paul