What happens when it is an injury accident though? Well, the insurance companies fire up and get ready to play the blame game. It doesn’t matter to them if you’ve been out of work for weeks, under a lot of emotional stress and can’t pay that month’s rent because of your injuries. They see dollar signs, and will find a way to keep them for themselves.
In 2003, the insurance industry’s chief research organization, the Insurance Research Council (IRC), released an internal document to its member insurance companies.
The study showed those insurance claimants who were represented by attorneys, 47 percent of all claimants, received 79 percent of all liability payouts. Those claimants without attorneys only received 21 percent of settlement dollars.
You have to remember, insurance companies, are just that- companies. They are striving for a profit just like anywhere else. That is why if you are in an injury accident, it is our advice to seek the help of an attorney.
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