Why does Kansas law cheat the motorcyclist? If you ride a motorcycle in Kansas, you need to read this.

In Kansas the law requires proof of liability insurance before a motor vehicle, including motorcycles, can be registered and issued a tag. Further, the law mandates that every liability policy issued in Kansas contain certain benefits for the protection of Kansas citizens. Besides the usual liability, uninsured and under insured provisions, each policy must provide “personal injury protection benefits” commonly called no-fault or PIP. Kansas law then carves out an exception –one only for the motorcyclist — from that mandate. The motorcycle owner is allowed to decline these benefits, which covers drivers and occupants of Kansas insured vehicles.

What are these benefits?

  • Probably most crucial to the injured motorcyclist is a wage loss benefit, which provides payment of up to one year at a mandatory minimum $900 a month or 85% of the weekly wageup to the $900 mandate.
  • A second benefit is a medical expense payment of a mandated minimum $4500.
  • Next is an essential service benefit at $25 a day to pay for someone helping perform daily activities that the injured party cannot perform for their self or others due to the injury .
  • Another benefit is rehabilitation benefits in the amount of $4500.
  • Last and God forbid, a funeral benefit of $2000.

Who most probably needs these benefits when a collision occurs? Would insurance companies want this exception in the law to save money? Can you solve this problem & protect yourself?

Why does Kansas law cheat the motorcyclist? If you ride a motorcycle in Kansas, you need to read this.

You bet you can. We all want to save money when buying insurance, and adding no-fault benefits to your motorcycle liability policy is a low cost investment that could pay out tens of thousands of dollars. This is especially true when an elderly lady turns left in front of you , you find yourself in a hospital bed looking at steel rods holding your fractured leg bones in place,and you won’t be working for months.

Yeah I know this isn’t going to happen to you as you are an experienced motorcyclist with X years of experience and you will lay the bike down. That’s what the local sales manager of a motorcycle manufacturing company told me he expected as he suffered what I described above. And this was the second time in one year that he broke the same leg when on two separate occasions elderly women turned left in front of him unexpectedly, without warning, leaving him no time to react.

Protect yourself before you are injured in an accident by calling your insurance agent and verifying or adding personal injury protection benefits (commonly referred to as no-faultbenefits) to your motorcycle policy .

After you are injured in an accident, call us- The lawyers at the Law Center for Car Accident Injuries. The name says it all.