Get the Attention, Respect and Care You Deserve When You Treat with Dr. Aly Gadalla, MD          

By Paul D. Hogan

Dr. Aly Gadalla, MD is one of my special preferred medical providers that I refer friends, family and injured MVA (motor vehicle accident) clients to and this is why:

“Our physicians are trained to accurately diagnose and treat injuries related to an accident or injury and then communicate with insurance companies. Providing insurance companies with accurate and timely information can greatly increase your chances of getting the medical coverage and/or settlement you deserve.” (from Gadalla’s website.)

Dr. Gadalla’s team is great with working with insurance company to get your coverage, but The #1 Reason I refer my friends, client’s and family to him is because Dr. Gadalla’s office usually sets an appointment within 24 hours of making the call. 

I mean – WOW! That’s so important when someone is in pain.

Dr. Gadalla is a “pain specialist” besides being an Internal Medical doctor who has over 20 years of medical practice.  I was treated for knee pain with injections before I ultimately had to have knee surgery.  Dr. Gadalla always made me feel welcome; he is a warm, kind man with a ready smile.

What is important to Dr. Gadalla’s patients, (see website), besides treatment for pain relief is his taking the time to answer their questions, explaining conditions and treatments, and providing follow-up. 

“One of Dr. Gadalla’s biggest priorities is to educate his patients so that they understand their rights and are able to receive all of the medical care benefits they deserve.” (from Gadalla’s website.)

Patients also noted Dr. Gadalla’s courteous staff: “We love talking to Mandy.” “. . . the staff always treated us like family.”  His office cleanliness: “. . . always clean and orderly the nursing staff very friendly and knowledgeable.”  And Dr. Gadalla’s scheduling flexibility is wonderful.

No wonder Dr. Aly Gadalla receives great reviews!

Dr. Gadalla’s office is located at:

9494 E. 21st Street, #200

Wichita, KS 67206

You can call Dr. Gadalla at: (316) 462 – 1070