Who wants to deal with an attorney when your insurance company can take care of everything for you? I mean, it’s just one more thing to have to do right? Wrong.
Not hiring an attorney when you’re injured in a car accident is the second biggest mistake you can make. You may be thinking to yourself,
“I’m not at fault,”
“I told the truth to the police,”
“The insurance company told me I don’t need an attorney,”
“I can save money if I do this myself.”
Insurance company studies that were conducted by Empire Research, show people who use an attorney put more money in their pocket than without an attorney. However, not all insurance companies are fair.
Say you are in a wreck with someone who has the same insurance company as you. If you give a written statement about the accident it can possibly be used against you by your insurance company to benefit the bad driver. If you haven’t contacted a lawyer, you could lose your case and have to pay fees that you aren’t responsible for.
In order for you to get paid for the time you’ve taken off work, the medical bills you’ve accumulated and the psychological damage you’ve received you need to get a lawyer involved. At The Law Center for Car Accident Injuries, we make sure that you get the personal relationship that you look for in a lawyer as well as someone who is going to fight for you.