When you are a part of an injury accident, the process can definitely be confusing and scary. In order to make sure you’re prepared, we at The Law Center for Car Accident Injuries want to make sure that you are completely comfortable in this process should you ever find yourself in an injury accident.
The first big mistake that you can make is to give a taped or written statement to an insurance company. Reason being, they are experts at asking questions in a way that benefits them and not you. They are looking for ways to blame someone else other than the person they insure in order to save money.
Also, if you are in a wreck with someone from the same insurance company, it can work against you. As a major company, the one thing on the insurance company’s mind is to make a profit. If they can find a way to ask a question so that one person is at fault (doesn’t matter to them at that point) they will. Then they will try to get that person to settle within their claim that produces a greater profit for the insurance agency.
This is just one of five big mistakes you can make while you’re in a car accident injury. Read all five to know how you can protect yourself in time of an accident.