There are legally defined time periods when, if you fail to take action, you can be legally barred from ever making a recovery. In Kansas and Oklahoma, you’ll have two years from the date of the accident to settle your claim or file a lawsuit, but only 60 days by certified mail that includes authorization to medical records and wage loss to file a claim.


No one enjoys paperwork. File your claim with a lawyer
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Therefore, the fourth biggest mistake you can make after being involved in a car accident injury, to fail to act promptly. If you fail to give timely notice and get your claim settled within that two year period, insurance companies will ‘red flag’ your claim.
By being ‘red flagged’ the insurance company has just created taboo on your account where every time afterward, when you file a claim they will be suspicious of insurance fraud.
Being involved in an injury accident is bad enough, don’t procrastinate your recovery time by not settling your claim in time. At The Law Center for Car Accident Injuries, we make sure that we work efficiently in order to settle your claim quickly and help you begin your recovery sooner.
Read all five of the biggest mistakes so that you can be fully prepared if you are caught off guard in an injury accident.