When you are in a car accident, you often think you’ll never forget the occurrences that just happened. However, after several days of telling your story over and over again to family and friends, your mind can blend situations together or make you forget your losses and even block out parts that were painful.


A good way to document the day of the accident is to
immediately grab a notebook or your diary and try to tell a story.
That will help when it comes time to reconnect the daily events.

The fifth biggest mistake that you can make after being involved in an injury accident is failing to immediately document your losses. We tend to forget how many hours were spent waiting in the doctor’s office (that really only took 10 minutes), or how much you spent for childcare when you normally do it yourself.
The point is that many people suffer life-changing injuries and then, leave money on the table because they forget all the day to day time, expenses and mileage incurred.
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