The sudden slam on the breaks, screeching tires, then a sigh of relief. We’ve all been there before. Those close calls that could have gone terribly wrong but the collision did not actually happen. Some are not as fortunate and become victims of car accidents. There are more than six million car accidents each year in the United States. The leading cause of death for individuals between 2 and 34 years old is motor vehicle crashes. For those who survive, it’s important to be thankful and take the proper steps following the incident.
You may believe you or others have no harm or physical injuries, instead just a little shook up and tense. But more often times than not, there is a good chance someone could have faced injuries in the accident that go unattended. Someone is injured by a car crash every 14 seconds and about two million of the people injured in car accidents each year suffer permanent injuries. Car accidents are also the leading cause of acquired disability nationwide. So it is especially crucial to double check and be sure you or loved ones are not injured by seeking a physician/medical attention with your doctor or chiropractor. Under Kansas law, you have the right to be compensated for an accident. Examples of what can be compensated include pain and suffering, lost wages, psychiatric treatment, physical therapy and the cost of medical care.
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