Your car insurance is one of those things you just pay each month. First, it is the law in Kansas that every motorist have a minimum amount of insurance, but most of us write that check every month for the peace of mind it gives us. With automobile insurance, you know you are covered in the unfortunate event of an accident. So, you dutifully send those checks in each month and don’t give it a second thought.
But do you have enough insurance or the right kind of car insurance?
It’s always a good time to look over your coverage to guarantee that it still meets your needs rather than the needs of you six years ago.

What You Are Required To Have

Kansas law requires that each motorist possess a minimum level of insurance. Each motorist must maintain liability insurance – both property liability and bodily injury liability.
Property damage liability insurance covers any damage to another motorist’s property.
Bodily injury liability insurance covers any injuries caused by you in a car accident.
At a minimum, Kansas drivers are required to carry insurance that covers $25,000 of bodily injury to an individual up to a limit of $50,000 per car. They are also required to carry $10,000 worth of property liability insurance.
You are also required to have both uninsured motorist insurance and personal injury protection insurance. The uninsured motorist insurance will cover any damages up to a set level if the other driver does not have insurance, and the PIP insurance will cover wage losses, medical expenses and other services for injured parties.

What You Need to Have

Doing the bare minimum is what is required by law, but in the even you are in an accident, you don’t want to just have the minimum level of coverage. There are a couple of additional forms of insurance you need to have in the event of a Kansas car accident – or some other mishap.
Comprehensive Insurance
Comprehensive insurance covers everything that is not a bodily injury or damage to your vehicle from an accident. It covers accidents such as theft, vandalism, fire etc.
Collision Insurance
This is additional coverage you can use to supplement the amount of insurance required by law. This insurance covers you in the event of a collision with another vehicle or other object.

What Might be a Good Idea

There are other optional forms of insurance that many people choose to add-on to their existing coverage.
New Vehicle Replacement
If you buy a new car, you know that it begins depreciating the moment you drive it off the lot. With new vehicle replacement, if your car is in an accident within the first year after purchase, you get the new value of your car rather than the depreciated value.
Roadside Assistance
With roadside assistance, you will never be stranded on the side of the road with no one to call.
Rental Stipend
In the event you are without a vehicle for an extended period of time, many insurance companies will supply clients with a stipend to rent a vehicle.
If you have been injured in a Kansas car accident, you need to speak with an car accident attorney. If you would like to speak with one of our expert attorneys, please fill out the FREE car accident claim evaluation form found on this site, and one of our car accident lawyers will contact you soon to discuss your case.