At first, I struggled for awhile when deciding what to write for this third issue. I struggled mainly because there are so many different choices to talk about in December. I could talk about the holidays, end of the year, my feelings, improvements in how my office operates to help you or I could focus on the staff who works so hard to solve our clients’ issues. After thinking on it, I choose something completely different (drum roll please)…
Jetman Flies!
It is reported that a man strapped two small jet engines and wings to his arms. He then flew (in formation) at 140mph with two jets- so impressive! It’s almost like the comic books I read as a kid are starting to come true. First we had space travel, then iPhones, now Jetman! Shows my age a bit but the inventiveness is definitely inspiring.
You may ask, why write about Jetman at this time of year? Well, it is because I believe in the power of a dream. What made Jetman first take flight four years ago? What made him keep going for four years? He had a dream and worked as hard as he could until it was made into a reality. In December we celebrate holidays that generate dreams. Many of us dream of the perfect holiday, though most of the time reality seldom meets expectations.
With Christmas we dream of gift giving and receiving, family, friends, and an atmosphere of love and unity. Then there is New Years Eve, where we look past the last year and set dreams and goals for the New Year ahead.
My wish for you is you find a dream this holiday season, dream big, then DREAM BIGGER!
May your dream propel you to be your own JetMAN or JetWOMAN!