You should file a police report after every car accident, no matter how small. Even if the damage is minimal, having an accident report on file will help when dealing with your insurance company. Some states insist that you file a police report after each traffic accident. If you do not, you are breaking the law. If you must file a police report, there are a few things you should keep in mind when speaking with the officers.

Make Sure the Information Is Accurate

The accuracy of the police report is vital to a quick claims process. The insurance company will use the police report to determine the driver who was at fault and who is financially responsible for the damage. Even in no fault states, determining fault can still be necessary if you later want to pursue a claim through the court system. A clear and accurate police report will ensure that the claims process is a smooth one.

Always File a Report

Sometimes you are in what you think is a minor fender bender and choose not to involve the police. Both drivers go their separate ways and do not file a police report. In a few days, one driver notices severe neck pain and the other drive notices a strange knocking underneath his car. Because neither filed a police report at the scene, they may have difficulty getting their insurance companies to accept their claims.

Always Be Completely Honest

You should never lie to a police officer, but after an accident, you may not be thinking clearly. This state of mind often makes people scared of the possible consequences of the accident, and they try to reinterpret events in their favor. This could lead to problems down the line. The odds are no one is going to jail after an accident. You should be as honest and accurate as you possibly can be with the officer.

Make Sure To Get the Officers Contact Information

Always get the attending officer’s contact information before you leave the scene of the accident. Officers normally carry business cards in their squad cars, and they are happy to give them to you. You should get the officers contact information is in case you remember details after the accident. These little details can be added to the report. This can be very important if the accident leads to a lawsuit.
An accurate and detailed accident report is vital to any car accident injury lawsuit. If you feel that you have been injured or suffered an economic loss due to the negligence of others, please fill out our FREE case evaluation form, and one of our attorneys will contact your shortly.