Choosing an an attorney to represent you in a car accident claim is a highly important decision. Understanding the process of a claim and finding solutions is essential. Here at the Law Center for Car Accident Injuries, we only accept car accident injury cases and take pride in serving you through the process. Since most cases settle without going to trial, we spend 100% of our time on those cases. We do not go to trial but we will work with trial attorneys and refer you to them. We have a 4-step claim process we use to get the right help, right now.

  1. Planning and medical treatment
  2. Dealing with the insurance company
  3. Settlement preparation
  4. Settlement negotiation

We’ll start by gathering information about your medical treatment, information about the accident and you in order to take the necessary steps to get your car repaired or replaced. The settlement money comes from liability, uninsured and under-insured motorist. The driver with the most fault is called the bad driver. The way to make a claim is to show who is at fault. The amount of your claim is based on they type of injury you suffered, medical costs, how long you were under doctor’s care, wage loss and your physical condition. At the Law Center, our process of preparing for your settlement is detailed and thorough. We go over the actions that must be taken and checked to make sure all documentation is filled out correctly and promptly to get your claim handled quicker and more efficiently.
Insurance companies have been through these steps before and try their hardest to protect their interests over yours. When submitting your claim, realize that our experience is especially valuable at this last step as we will negotiate a claim with the insurance company to make you the best offer. Your best interests are represented during our negotiation.
We hope that walking through this process has helped you consider us for your accident claim needs, and we look forward to hearing from you!