Learn To Drive Without the Phone
Check this out for statistics. According to Empire Statistics, almost 90 percent of all Americans own a cell phone, 100 million drivers use cell phones and 1 million people are chatting behind the wheel.
According to the Washington Post on January 13, 2010, nearly 28 percent of all accidents involved a cell phone. And according to the New England Journal of Medicine, people using a cell phone while driving are four to five times more likely to be involved in an accident than those who don’t use them.
Truck drivers aren’t exempt from the statistics, they are at far greater risk when they reach for their phones. They are six times at greater risk when dialing and 23 times at greater risk when texting.
The statistics are overwhelming and some may say that driving while using a cell phone is just as dangerous as drunk driving. One thing is for sure, both take away any focus you need to drive safely.
In both Kansas and Oklahoma, texting bans have recently been passed and law enforcement are beginning to crack down on the public. Don’t be another statistic and join us at The Law Center for Car Accident Injuries in learning to drive without the phone.
For more information on cell phone and other highway laws please visit the Governors Highway for Safety Association’s website.