As humans we are prone to making mistakes. We’ve all at one point or another lost concentration while driving. The roads can be a truly dangerous place if you aren’t paying attention and can be unforgiving when you make bad driving decisions. Texting is the latest danger that impedes our driving abilities and can be just as dangerous as being drunk while driving. Other bad habits include eating, drinking any liquids, fidgeting with the radio knobs, playing with your iPod and even talking to someone in your car. Unfortunately drivers continue to make these choices while they drive without any real concern to others on the road. Next time you are out on a drive keep these facts fresh in your mind as to avoid falling into these statistics.
In the United States alone there are approximately six million car accidents each year. This number includes fender benders all the way to multiple car pile ups. This fact should not give a false sense of safety but rather a sense of awareness. Never take for granted safe driving habits.
On average someone is injured in a car crash every 14 seconds. Of the six million car accidents each year, two million people are stricken with permanent and sometimes debilitating injuries. Suddenly one realizes how easily it can be to become one of those two million severally injured people. Imagine becoming weakened by and injury, unable to pay for simple necessities at home due to missing work.
Unfortunately children are not exempt from these statistics. Almost 250 thousand children are injured in car collisions. On average almost 700 kids are harmed every day from unsafe driving. Parents must take special note as children 16 to 20 years old have the highest rate of injury.
Car accidents are the leading cause of acquired disabilities nationwide. Avoid all the danger and inconveniences of car accidents by paying more attention to your driving. Protect yourself and others, put your phone down, finish your conversations later, eat when you get to your destination and never drink and drive.
Even if one practices safe driving habits accidents do happen. Should you ever find yourself in such a terrible situation the Law Center for Car Accident Injuries is here to help. The Law Center will handle your claim with personal care and great efficiency.
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Articles are not for monetary gain but for your information, all sources for article provided by: US Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2010