Babies, toddlers, preschool kids, elementary, middle, high school and probably most college students are all in the beginning of life. They will probably never read a word I’ve written or care. They are busy living their lives. The good news is that’s the way it should be.
Young adults are mainly busy with their friends working, pursuing careers, paying bills and school loans. They even use the word “adulting.” They are searching, questioning, and changing. The good news is that’s the way it should be.
Being an adult or parent can be challenging and complex. Sometimes you’re sandwiched between raising children or teens and helping or being responsible for aged relatives while, at the same time, working and being a provider. You can wear many hats – parent, spouse, lover, adult child, sibling, employee/employer, role model, teacher, student of life. You balance many roles and the good news is that’s the way it should be
When the kids leave, you are ending your career and work life, sometimes downsizing from the home with all the memories, or God bless you, you might be raising grandkid. Then it seems that all your conversations with your relatives and friends revolve around health issues. Exactly what you said you would never do when you were bored to tears as a younger person listening to the older adults commiserate with each other. The good news is you are alive and able to raise those grandkids, if need be, and converse with your friends and relatives and that’s the way it should be.
Then with a snap of the finger you’ve arrived at the stage when you realize that the end is a reality. You have lost family members, maybe a spouse and good friends. There is a daily appreciation of life, an acceptance and surrender on a deeper level. I believe there’s a spiritual reality, a wisdom that God has had a plan throughout life and that’s the way it should be.
Whatever struggle or challenge you have in your life now may seem overwhelming. Know it’s worth it and you only have to deal with it this 24 hours. The people in your life are there for a reason. You are unique, there is only one of you with the exact DNA, molecular structure and life’s experiences and feelings. Regardless of what stage in life you are, the idea is to focus on the now. The good news is that’s the way it should be.