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About The Law Center of Car Accident Injuries


I am a car accident attorney helping injured Kansas neighbors get the money they deserve  since 1975

At THE LAW CENTER FOR CAR ACCIDENT INJURIES  you receive personalized service, a complete done for you process to get the money you deserve. Car accident injury cases are the only type of legal case  I handle so I get your case settled faster.


I’ve written five additional books since my first book “SEVEN HIGHLY EFFECTIVE STEPS TO GET THE MONEY YOU DESERVE WHEN INJURED IN A KANSAS CAR ACCIDENT .” You can request the one that fits your situation such as if you were 1. Badly injured in a Kansas car accident  2. Injured by a DUI driver , 3.  Injured in a trucking accident 4. Injured on a motorcycle. or 5. A Injured Pedestrian. CALL NOW FOR YOUR FREE BOOK (866) 303-1411 

Paul’s Personal Promise To You

Wichita, Kansas Accident Injury Attorney, Paul Hogan wants every client to be 100% satisfied with their decision to hire him as their lawyer.


Other attorneys offer an old tired guarantee “no fee if no recovery” it’s been around for decades. I offer a new, one-of-a-kind, unheard-of, risk free, no questions asked, 90 day guarantee.

Here is why that is important to you. Usually when you sign on the dotted line hiring an attorney you do so with the hope that they are going to do a good workmanlike job as your lawyer, that they will keep you informed, they will advise and protect you, that you can trust them and work with them

But what happens if they don’t keep you informed or you can’t get in touch with them  or for whatever reason you decide you can’t trust them or how about simply, you changed your mind about having them as your lawyer. Kansas law allows you to discharge an attorney anytime, not only if they do not perform their duties but you can discharge them simply if you changed your mind !

Please bear in mind  that if you discharge that attorney they can make a claim for the money they advanced in your case, such as paying for an accident report, medical records and other case expenses. They may make a claim for the time they expended on your case. If the claim is for the advanced money it could be for hundreds of dollars and if it’s includes a claim for his time the claim could be for thousands of dollars.


With my “NO RISK GUARANTEE” I want to go to work for you and earn your trust by action. I promise if you discharge me in the first 90 days I will not make those claims either for the money I spent on your case or the time I have expended. and in addition I also offer the “no fee if no recovery promise” Call The Law Center for Car Accident Injuries toll free at 866-303-1411.

Attorney Paul Hogan gets paid ONLY after he has obtained a settlement for you

I have helped  clients in Wichita, throughout the state of Kansas (KS), Oklahoma City, the state of Oklahoma (OK), and Missouri.


If you have been injured by another person or corporation, or have lost someone you loved because of another’s negligence, you may be entitled to damages. Under the law, those injured in accidents caused by the negligence or recklessness of others are entitled to make claims based upon a legal concept – called a “tort” – against those who caused them harm. The plaintiff is the person making the claim and the party who caused the injury is called the defendant. If the defendant is proven negligent, they must pay the plaintiff monetary “damages” including money for present and future loss of earnings capacity, medical expenses, pain and suffering and other expenses.

I have over 40 years of experience to help you make a recovery, I am ready to help. If you have suffered losses because of another’s actions, you deserve compensation, justice and the opportunity to focus on recovery.

How We Can Help

Attorney Paul Hogan can start helping you in a few ways:

  1. Listen to a pre-recorded message from Wichita, Kansas Accident Injury Attorney, Paul Hogan at the top of this page to learn about what you should do right now regarding your vehicle accident injury.
  2. Instantly download his book: 7 Highly Effective Steps To Get Money When You Have Been Injured In An Accident
  3. Please contact The Law Center for Car Accident Injuries toll free at 866-303-1411 to discuss your case.