Every motorist faces dangers when they take to the road, but those who ride motorcycles face dangers that never even cross the minds of those whose vehicles have 4 wheels. So, what are these unique dangers? Well, some involve other motorists, some involve the weather, and some even involve man’s best friend.

Motorcycle Blind Drivers

One of the chief causes of traffic accidents involving motorcycles is the fact that the other driver simply did not see the motorcyclists when they changed lanes. What? How is it possible not to see a man on a motorcycle? Well, curiously enough, most drivers have trained their eyes to identify large objects, like other cars and trucks, while driving. Their eyes just slide over motorcyclists without recognizing them. So, always make sure the other drivers are aware of you when riding your bike.

Overestimating Your Skill on a Motorcycle

Motorcycles are fun. They are fast. They are quick. You look cool riding one, but no matter how long you have been riding, you should never overestimate your skill level. With just two wheels on the ground, there is little room for error when riding. Many accidents occur when a motorcyclist overestimates the speed at which they can take a turn or the level of traffic they can safely manage.

Man’s Best Friend

In the movies, the dog chases the postman down the street. In real life, dogs also chase people on motorcycles and bicycles. There’s just something about a person on 2 wheels that drives the canine mind mad, and a dog coming out of nowhere to take a hunk out of your calf can cause you to lay your bike down in a hurry. Always be aware of animals while driving through residential neighborhoods.

Rain, Ice, and Wind

In a car, you rarely have to do more than turn on your wiper blades during inclement weather. That isn’t the case on a motorcycle. You are completely exposes, and wind, ice, and rain can ruin your day in a hurry. For this reason, most motorcyclists take the SUV to work on days when there might be bad weather, but if you are caught out in a storm, it’s often better to park under an overpass or pull into the local fast food place for a burger rather than try to ride through it.
Riding a motorcycle can be fun, but it is also dangerous. Many motorcycle riders suffer injuries from auto accidents through no fault of their own. If you or a loved one have been involved in a motorcycle accident and sustained an injury, you may be entitled to compensation. We can help. To speak with one of our expert attorneys, please fill out the contact form found on this page.