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All You Need Is Love

By Paul Hogan On February 14 every year we celebrate a day dedicated to love – Valentine’s Day. Of course, we all recognize the concept that if you want to be loved, first you must give love. You know, the pay it forward concept. My older sister Margie passed away in January of 2018. I’m […]

It’s a Miracle

By Paul Hogan I walked into the extended stay motel, it’s early December, it’s cold and it’s dark. There are a lot of service/industrial type trucks of all sizes in the parking lot with mainly men in work clothes coming in and out at the end of a workday. I enter a standard sized, motel […]

Trial: The Good The Bad and the Ugly

What does a Trial look like?

Bulls and Lions and Lawyers . . . Oh My!

By Paul Hogan “You know why everyone thinks that all lawyers are backstabbing, bloodsucking scumbags? ‘Cause they are!”    – Erin Brockovich ‘Cause, I am one, a lawyer that is, although I prefer to think not a backstabbing, bloodsucking scumbag, I believe that feeling, that accusation and the characters lines were because Brockovich thought she was […]

And thats the way it should be

Babies, toddlers, preschool kids, elementary, middle, high school and probably most college students are all in the beginning of life. They will probably never read a word I’ve written or care. They are busy living their lives. The good news is that’s the way it should be. Young adults are mainly busy with their friends […]