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Bulls and Lions and Lawyers . . . Oh My!

By Paul Hogan “You know why everyone thinks that all lawyers are backstabbing, bloodsucking scumbags? ‘Cause they are!”    – Erin Brockovich ‘Cause, I am one, a lawyer that is, although I prefer to think not a backstabbing, bloodsucking scumbag, I believe that feeling, that accusation and the characters lines were because Brockovich thought she was […]

And thats the way it should be

Babies, toddlers, preschool kids, elementary, middle, high school and probably most college students are all in the beginning of life. They will probably never read a word I’ve written or care. They are busy living their lives. The good news is that’s the way it should be. Young adults are mainly busy with their friends […]

The Man on the Moon; Good News for Moms and Dads; the vacation Ritual; and Where Did You go to High School?

I’m sitting in the drive-in, drinking beer with my college friends, feeling all grown-up because I just turned 21 the day before and had been honorably discharged from the Navy a few months before. While watching the movie I occasionally looked up at the big full moon. It is just mind-boggling that a man is […]

150 Years of the Chisholm Trail

By Paul Hogan OMG! Almost two months of 2019 is already gone, gone, gone. My mind sharply focuses that I had better start working on my New Year’s resolutions. My mind un-focus’s and asks, what should I write about? The first thought is always about me, and of course, my birthday is in July and […]

Meet Your Family

By Paul Hogan Meet your family – Did you know? Every time you talk to someone at my office; every time a service is provided; a phone call is made to you; a letter to an insurance company goes out; any one of the checklist items we use to handle your claim (as quick as […]