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December 2013: My “December To Remember” Wish For You

Season’s greetings! “It is the December to remember,” runs one of the high dollar Lexus car ads. Bright new shiny cars are shown with the family going with grandpa to light lights as a tradition in front of a million dollar home in the snowy forest. Another high dollar car ad has two rows of gleaming red and white Mercedes with a somewhat plump, happy, handsome, classic Santa passing inspection on the sleek vehicles and sending them out the door for the holidays.

It is nice to fantasize and dream. The fantasy hidden in these advertising messages are the feelings invoked when you dream of buying a brand-new Mercedes for your wife or picture yourself in a gleaming red convertible. All daily living problems and reality are gone.

Reality for one of my clients was being injured in a car accident on

December 24, 2012. Christmas day and week were spent laying around, feeling pain with every movement and not having a car. The frustration at having to deal with the aftermath of an injury car accident – calling insurance companies and, in turn, waiting for telephone calls from adjuster’s who sound harried and abrupt (because they are). Besides frustration, there is some anger, especially when none of this is your fault. Now that was a “December to remember” for that client.

So, here’s the Christmas ad that I would run for you. Imagine instead of two rows of red and white gleaming Mercedes, glistening new with the jolly, handsome Santa smiling – picture your family, friends and loved ones sitting in two rows, one row all dressed in red and one row dressed in white, lined up passing by you. Each is healthy, happy, smiling and waiting to pass inspection by Santa. Just to be with you. This is the real reason for the season. You are special.

After the special music and lighting at the end of the ad, I would have Santa look you in the eye and promise to deliver a gift to everyone you love, everyone you pictured in your mind’s eye dressed in red and dressed in white. The gift is they remain safe and sound with no car accidents during the season and the coming year. That would be a true “December to remember.” I wish that for you and yours.

In closing, the day I wrote this two of my readings in the morning included;

“Do not hide your light under a bushel.

Arise and shine, for the light has come

and the glory of the Lord is arisen in thee.”

The glory of the Lord shines in the beauty of your character . . . and some of this glory is risen in you when you try to reflect that light in your life.”

Barbara Kimball writes, “Do not compare yourself with others for you are a unique and wonderful creation. Make your own beautiful footprints in the snow.”